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How to Get Your Spouse to Trust You – Mort Fertel Reviews

How to Get Your Spouse to Trust You

Mort Fertel Reviews

Trust is not easy to come by from me. I would even go as far as saying that the biggest issue in our marriage is trust. Like most people, we both came with baggage and we have had trust issues in the past.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Mort Fertel’s program was how to earn your spouses’ trust. And how to trust your spouse.

Building Trust in Your Marriage

Building trust in our marriage was not easy. It took time. Most of all it took consistency. The easiest, most practical advice we took from Mort Fertel was this:

Make small promises and keep them.

It’s that simple! You can easily get your spouse to trust you by keeping your word.

Just make a commitment and follow through. Make your words valuable.

Commitments to Get Your Spouse to Trust You

What kind of commitments should you make to get your spouse to trust you? Simple ones. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Agree to take out the garbage on pickup day. Set reminders on your phone, put post its everywhere, hire a service to call and remind you, but whatever you do, KEEP YOUR PROMISE!

2. Commit to date night. Same idea here – prioritize one night a week above ALL else. Besides being a crucial Marriage Fitness exercise, keeping your weekly date will earn your spouse’s trust. Your spouse will know that you are RELIABLE. You will be available for date night every week come hell or high water.

These simple tasks can literally save your marriage.

Mort Fertel’s Pillars of Trust

We learned everything there is to know about rebuilding trust in your marriage from the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp program. This is one of the reasons we did our Mort Fertel review in the first place. If you want some of Mort’s advice without registering for any program, at least sign up for his 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage. There’s no cost at all. We owe everything to Mort and now our goal is to spread the word.


A Mort Fertel Review: My Husband is a Workaholic

My Husband is a Workaholic

Mort Fertel Review

As soon as some issues came up in my marriage, I searched online for help. I looked for some sort of program, support group, or counselor that would help us deal with our issues. I came across Mort’s Program and I went it through it with my husband. Click here to read my Mort Fertel Review: http://mort-fertel-review.org

One of the biggest sources of arguments in our marriage is my husband’s work. I have conflicting feelings about it. On the one hand, I really admire and respect his work ethic. On the other hand, Karl’s work schedule has a huge negative impact on our marriage.

Karl’s work ethic was one of the first things that drew me to him. I loved that whenever I was with him he had work calls and he was constantly working late. He seemed so important! But after a while, the novelty wore off and reality set in. His work was taking over and our relationship was on the back burner. OUCH! It hurts to even say it.

How My Husband’s Work Affected Our Marriage

Karl comes home late every night and works on weekends too. For awhile, we argued CONSTANTLY about this. Karl’s work was having a negative impact on our marriage!  At first , I would joke about it to friend’s and say, “My husband is a workaholic so I never see him – that’s why we get along so well!” We all had a good laugh but after awhile I realized it was true. We barely spent time together anymore. For starters, I never had a date to parties and events. It may seem trivial but it was so embarrassing to constantly explain my husband’s absence. I felt like they were judging us. But it wasn’t even about them. Overall, I felt neglected. I felt like I wasn’t a priority.

We Learned to Prioritize Each Other

Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel helped us shift our focus. Through the program, Karl realized how important date night was. (He didn’t realize when I was the one who said it, but coming from Mort it just worked!) We carved out one night in our schedule and we made sure to stick to it. Sometimes we’d be so tired because Karl would get home late but we always have fun once we go out. Click here to read more about our Date Nights. Then, Karl set reminders in his phone to call me. Every day at around 2 PM he calls. Usually it’s a quick “hi”. For example, we’ll share a funny story that happened at work. Then I’ll call Karl while I’m making dinner (it makes him excited to come home!), etc. Nothing too crazy. Just quick check-ins. It just breaks up the day, and makes us feel prioritized! Talk charges have definitely changed our marriage!

mort fertel reviews

A Happy Medium for our Marriage

Karl hasn’t compromised his dedication to work at all. He just added a few things that made his “workalohism” okay with me. Not only am I okay with my husband being a workaholic, I am proud of him now! I don’t feel threatened by his work or his schedule. I don’t feel like “work time” is taking away from “us time” anymore. I am back to respecting his work ethic – because he now shows me that I am a priority too! These are just a few ways that Mort Fertel changed our marriage. My husband being a workaholic is no longer an issue – but something I love about him! P.S. My husband asked me to point out the irony that he has been waiting to go out with me while I finish this post! My, how the tables have turned ;)

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